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One daily email.
Zero stress.
Infinite opportunities.

The average time spent browsing through all the Transit Agencies' bids & RFP portals is more than 2 hours per day

With, it only takes 2 minutes. 


Free Trial

By the industry for the industry

More than 100 Transit Agencies 

Peace of mind

No more wasting time
browsing 100+ agency portals
or feeling guilty for not.

Protect your time

By knowing of every opportunity, every day.

New opportunities

More time to respond by knowing first.

Let's be honest!
Tracking bids & RFPs is a tedious task with unsure results!

Stressed Man

The problem can be narrowed 
down to this feeling: 

Either I feel I'm wasting my time searching ....or I feel guilty for not, because I'm probably missing out!

Furthermore to the challenge!

Unpredictable Bid Frequency

Daily opportunities aren't a given, and sometimes nothing for weeks!

This leads to inefficient use of time! 

Platform Overload

Transit Agencies are either publishing their bids & RFPs on their agency's own platform or with a dedicated service provider (Planetbids, Faremarket, Bonfire, Mersk etc..) This creates countless platforms to monitor. Most of us will settle for just a handful bid sites, risking missed opportunities from other transit agencies.

Restricted Coverage of Transit Agencies
by other tools

Existing bid aggregation platforms don't ensure complete coverage of Transit Agencies across North America, and this brings you back to the dilemma of wasted time Vs possible opportunity.

Introducing The Daily Digest
One daily email with all the bids,
..that simple!

One daily email!
Every morning,
your email will have: 

  1. All the bids issued buy the Transit Agency in the last 24h. 

  2. A quick summery and bid details. 

  3. A direct link to where the bid is being issued. 

  4. You can have it filtered with keywords. 

Capture siteweb_edited_edited.png

Want more than a Daily Email?

Bid Platform
Our web platform that will give you so much more! 
  1. Search all open, closed & awarded bids

  2. See awarded information (Wining Vendor &Pricing)*

  3. Filter search by agencies, keywords, vendors etc..

  4. Access to market analysis dashboards. 

Always dreamed of a custom platform!

Tailored Platform
Customize the Bid Platform to your liking !
Will work with you to create the perfect tool for you and your team!
  1. Custom Email Alerts with enhance data

  2. Integrate your own data (parts number etc..)

  3. Create custom features such has Part Alert etc..

  4. Add bids from sources outside the Transit network. 

  5. Only your imagination, and budget, is the limit. 

3 simple steps for peace of mind

Subscribe to the free trial, no credit card required.

Receive your daily email with all the bids & RFP.

validate if there an opportunity, or not, in 2 minutes.

Give it a try

30 days or your money back.

We are dedicated to
the Transit Industry

Here's our promise to you. 

30 days satisfaction

or money back

Largest source of bids & RFP from Transit Agencies

Updated daily

Annie Leblanc

DLL Inc.

“So simple and so appreciated! We could never follow all the opportunities out there without it.”


Tim Brake,

“Perfect tool to track the market, and it paid itself for years with just one opportunity. Love it.”

William Lortie

Techniserv A.G. Inc.

“Tracking a specific kind of opportunity in our industry used to be a nightmare! Not anymore! Transit-bids is an absolute time saver.”
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